Kenya election: Poll body delays re-run by nine days

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Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta insists his election victory was valid

Kenya's new presidential election has been delayed to 26 October, after the country's polls commission sought more time to reform voting processes.
The re-run had originally been scheduled for 17 October.
The move came as President Uhuru Kenyatta accused the country's Supreme Court, which annulled the first vote, of staging a “coup” against the people.
Observers fear Kenya's political temperature is rising, reviving fears of political violence.
Around 1,200 people died in clashes after a disputed 2007 presidential vote.

“A coup in Kenya has just been done by the four people in the Supreme Court,” Mr Kenyatta said during a televised meeting with supporters.

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Tensions are running high in the country, which has a history of post-poll violence

The election board said last month that Mr Kenyatta had won 54..

Ancient DNA sheds light on African history

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Burials at Mount Hora in Malawi yielded DNA used in the study

DNA from ancient remains has been used to reconstruct thousands of years of population history in Africa.
Researchers sequenced the genomes of 16 individuals who lived between 8,000 and 1,000 years ago.
The data shows how the invention and spread of farming had a major impact on the genes of people in Africa – just as it did in Europe and Asia.
The findings are published in the journal Cell.
The results suggest that populations related to the indigenous people of southern Africa had a wider distribution in the past.

This southern African-like genetic background is found in hunter-gatherers from Malawi and Tanzania in the east of the continent. These hunters lived between 8,100 and 1,400 years ago.
But the later spread of farmers from western Africa had a major impact on the genetic make-up of people in surrounding regions.
Further DNA analysis revealed the hunter-gathere..